Industry Trends

Industry Trends

Indoor Window Cleaning

The Unger Stingray Indoor Cleaning Kit
  • Speeds up indoor glass cleaning by up to 25%
  • Ensures 39% less liquid consumption
  • Unger Stingray increases productivity by eliminating time spent moving furniture or climbing ladders.
  • Safely reach up to 18 feet from the ground
  • No open air spray, minimizing airborne chemicals
  • Low-profile, triangular head to reach all spaces

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Sports Floor Coating

Recon Sports Floor Coating System

Recon is a revolutionary sports floor coating system that can eliminate the roller coaster effect of annual sports floor maintenance, and deliver new floor gloss and performance anytime you need it – for example, right before a mid-season tournament. It is a specially formulated, high-performance, high gloss, micro-layer sports floor coating that stands up to the rigors of athletic competition. Applying Recon takes just a little more time than a routine cleaning. A simple clean, apply, and dry process has your newly coated sports floor ready for play the next day!

  • 2-Component, cross-linked formula for enhanced durability
  • Ultra-thin profile to stack multiple coats throughout the year
  • Clean, apply, dry in one hour, play the next day

Use Recon when:

  • A consistent high gloss look with “shoe squeak” performance characteristics is desired
  • Floors cannot be out of service for extended periods of time
  • You do not have the time or application expertise required for a traditional annual recoat

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